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Reporting Errors in the Music

Do you believe you have found an error in our music? While we review our music extensively before publishing, it is possible that some errors have been overlooked. However, before contacting us about an error, please read the rest of the article.

Does It Qualify As an Error?

Differences in our sheet music versus the version you know shouldn't automatically be considered errrors. Many titles have different versions. There can be significant variations in the lyrics, melody, structure, and other details. One example of this is hymns. Any of the following may apply to a hymn:

  • It is sung to several different melodies.
  • Different sources include slight differences in rhythms in the melody (e.g., using two 8th notes vs. a dotted 8th note and 16th note).
  • The lyrics may include many verses (sometimes dozens). The lyrics we include may be a smaller selection of these.
  • The order of verses may vary.
  • Lyrics may have changed over time.
  • Modern versions of the lyrics are copyrighted.

Other types of music also have similar issues. Traditional music where the composer and/or lyricist are unknown (folk songs, spirituals, etc.), often exist in many variants. The version you know may not be the same as the music we publish.

Reporting Errors

If none of the above apply, feel free to contact us.