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Notice: Please read our support section before contacting us. Our sheet music files are standard PDF files, so any issues with viewing or printing are likely not caused by the files themselves. Because of this, we are unable to troubleshoot printer issues, assist with viewing the music on a tablet, etc.

Contact Us Via Email

Our support address is

Required Information

Your email must include the following details in order to receive support:

  • The name and email address associated with your order
  • A detailed description of the issue. This could include things like screenshots, a description of what you are doing, the software you are using, error messages you receive, and any other relevant information.

Support Limitations

Please note that we only provide support for a very narrow range of issues. We are unable to offer support for teaching you how to use specific apps or software, troubleshooting printer issues, or other similar issues.

What To Expect

We generally reply within a few hours if you contact us during normal US business hours (EST) Monday through Friday. Responses may take 24-48 hours outside of this time.