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I Can't Open a File

If you are unable to open your sheet music, please try the following:

Unzip the File

Ebook bundles are delivered as a ZIP file. This needs to be unzipped before you can use the files it contains. Learn how to unzip a file.

Wait for Download to Finish

Depending on your operating system, you may see a temporary file placed on your desktop while the download is in progress. You won't be able to open the file until the download completes. Check the download status in your browser to make sure it has completed.

Try Downloading Again

It's possible the file was corrupted during the download process or the download may not have completed. Please use the download link in your order email to download again.

Use the Correct Software

Make sure you are opening the file in a program that supports PDF files.

Check Security Settings/Policies

If you are trying to open the file at work, your employer may restrict the ability to open certain types of files. You should check with them to see if this might be the case. If it is, you will need to use the file on a different computer or request a change in the policy.