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Viewing Music on a Tablet

While we recommend several apps in this article based on our experience, we are unable to provide any guarantees that an app is suitable for your purposes. It is your responsibility to research the app to determine whether it will work for you or if it is compatible with your device.

You will need an app in order to view our PDF sheet music on your tablet. There are several types of apps that may work. These include PDF or ebook viewers, and sheet music apps. We recommend using a dedicated sheet music app rather than a PDF or ebook viewer.

Recommended Apps

We have tested the apps below with our music and have verified that it works without any issues. Note that these are paid apps. We recommend these apps due to the extensive features targeted to musicians including the ability to annotate your music with fingerings, metronomes, options for organizing your music, and much more.

There is also a free version of the Mobile Sheets app that allows a limited number of files to be imported. forScore doesn't appear to have a free version.

Other Apps

We haven't tested our music extensively with other apps. However, our experience has been that PDF viewers work reasonably well, but can be buggy. For example, some apps we tried would crash when opening a file and then open the file the next time with no issues. This happened with our files and other PDF files we tested. You may have to try several apps to find one that is suitable. This isn't because of our files, but due to the app. Our files are standard PDF files.

You may also have limitations on using the sheet music in certain ways. For example, sheet music apps like those recommended above have more sophisticated page turn features including half-page turns.

File Explorer App

Due to limitations of mobile operating systems, some apps may not allow you to easily access the files on your tablet. You may need to install a File Explorer app in order to access and open files. Browse your app store to find a suitable app.

Support Limitations

Please note that we are unable to provide any support to assist you with using these apps. You need to consult support for the app for assistance.