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Chords and Lyrics for Water Is Wide

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Traditional Music
Traditional Lyrics


    G             Am   C       G 
The water is wide I cannot get o'er 

    Em      C      G        D 
And neither have I wings to fly.

          G    Am        B7    Em 
Give me a boat that will carry two,

               G    D7          G 
And both shall row, my love and I. 


   G              Am       C     G 
O, down in the meadows the other day,

 Em        C             G        D 
Agath'ring flow'rs, Both fine and gay,

           G   Am        B7      Em 
Agathering flowers, both red and blue,

         G       D7            G 
I little thought what love can do. 


  G           Am   C        G 
I put my hand into one soft bush,

     Em      C        G         D 
Thinking the sweetest flower to find,

             G  Am        B7     Em 
I pricked my finger right to the bone,

             G    D7          G 
And left the sweetest flower alone. 


  G              Am  C           G 
I leaned my back up against some oak,

     Em       C      G        D 
Thinking that he was a trusty tree,

             G   Am     B7      Em 
But first he bended and then he broke;

           G  D7            G 
And so did my false love to me. 

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