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Chords and Lyrics for Glad Christmas Bells

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Traditional Music
Traditional Lyrics


G    D7                    G 
Glad Christmas bells, your music tells 

    C         Am7      D7 G 
The sweet and pleasant story;

    D7                G 
How came to earth, in lowly birth,

                     D7 G 
The Lord of life and glory. 


G   D7              G 
Now palace hall its ceiling tall 

    C      Am7         D7 G 
His kingly head spread over,

      D7           G 
There only stood a stable rude 

                     D7 G 
The heav'nly Babe to cover. 


G   D7              G 
Nor raiment gay, as there He lay,

 C          Am7    D7   G 
Adorned the infant stranger;

      D7              G 
Poor, humble child of mother mild,

                  D7 G 
She laid Him in a manger. 


G   D7           G 
But from afar, a splendid star 

    C        Am7      D7  G 
The wise men westward turning;

    D7                 G 
The livelong night saw pure and bright,

                     D7  G 
Above His birthplace burning. 


G     D7               G 
Where on the hill, all safe and still,

    C      Am7         D7 G 
The folded flocks were lying,

     D7                 G 
Down through the air an angel fair

                      D7 G 
On wing of flame came flying.


 G    D7                   G 
"Fear not," said he, - for tremblingly

    C         Am7      D7 G 
The shepherds stood in wonder,

      D7               G 
"Glad new I bring, the promised King

                 D7 G 
Lies in a stable yonder."


 G   D7                G 
"And by this sign, the babe divine

    C      Am7   D7  G 
You may discover surely,

  D7              G 
A manger His rude dwelling is,

                       D7  G 
There lies He, cradled poorly."


G    D7               G 
Then swiftly came, in lines of flame,

     C         Am7     D7  G 
Like countless meteors blazing,

  D7             G 
A multitude, and with Him stood,

             D7 G 
A spectacle amazing.


G   D7                  G 
And all the choir, with tongues of fire

      C        Am7    D7  G 
Broke forth in joyful singing,

     D7             G 
Till with their cry the very sky

                    D7  G 
From end to end was ringing.


 G   D7           G 
"Glory to Thee forever be,

    C      Am7      D7 G 
God in the highest, glory!

     D7           G 
Good will to men, and peace again 

                   D7   G 
O earth is beaming o'er thee!"

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Instrument Chords
Banjo Am7 C Major D7 G Major
Guitar Am7 C Major D7 G Major
Mandolin Am7 C Major D7 G Major
Piano Am7 C Major D7 G Major
Ukulele Am7 C Major D7 G Major